We believe that a trained woman is a prepared woman. That's why we offer a range of classes designed to build confidence and offer empowerment.


Note: The classes listed below are our beginner courses but we do offer more advanced classes to individuals and groups.


So you bought a gun. Do you feel confident that you could protect yourself or those you care for?  


This course is intended for women with little or no pistol shooting experience and is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of shooting, including the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to shoot a handgun safely and accurately at a very basic level.


Topics include: Basic safety, Gun operation, and Fundamentals of marksmanship.


NRA Basic Pistol Courses

1 on 1 and Small Group Training

Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics are designed to introduce women to firearms.

If you are curious about guns, whether for Personal or Home Defense, Women On Target® is the perfect place to start.

These instructional shooting clinics are designed to teach you firearm safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship, while giving you the confidence you need to safely handle and operate a firearm..


Women will have the opportunity to shoot pistols, and revolvers in a safe and friendly environment so that whether you’re picking up a gun for the very first time or are just brushing off some dust and need a little refresher. You will immediately feel at ease.


No experience or personal firearm is necessary to participate

Shooting Simulator Training

All of our classes can be taught either 1 on 1 or to small private groups, Simply contact us and let us know which class or classes you are interested in and we will design it to fit your specific needs.



Our Low-Light / No-Light training course will build your confidence while preparing you to react in an environment that you are most likely to encounter at some point  in a self-defense situation.


You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to use a light properly, whether to choose a handheld or weapon-mounted light, and how to engage quickly in the dark.

Please note: This could be a co-ed class based on student interest.


Lowlight/No light Training

This state of the art training facility is the first of it's kind in Arizona and allows women to train in a safe and

comfortable environment.


Shooting fundamentals and accuracy are taught with the use of specifically designed laser pistols that offer very little recoil and lowered decibel levels making it perfect for first time shooters.

Our Concealed carry Classes are designed to teach you the applicable gun safety laws that govern Arizona and help you to become a more responsible gun owner. These classes incorporate a combination of both simulation based and shoot/don't shoot scenarios designed to test the students knowledge of gun safety law and to help them see how fluid real world situations can be.